Price Range

      We are an emerging Spice Traders focusing more on Raw Spices based at Ampang, Selangor. We are engaged in Retailing & Wholeselling as well. Our clients are mainly mini-marts, restaurants, food & beverage operators and caterers. All our spice products are imported. Our Green Cardamoms are from Guetamala, Cassia Cinnamon from Indonesia, Cloves from Madagascar, Star Anise from China, Fennel Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Fenugreek, Bydagi Dried Chillis are from India, Black Pepper from Sarawak and so on.

      Lately, the awareness on the benefits of spices has increased tremendously, especially in the west and europe. Our mission is to provide good and hygine qualiy of spices as the demand for spices been increasing annually. We are continuing the legacy of spice trading which dated back to hundreds of years, through e-commerce. 

      We are also engaged in bulk spice trading. Please do drop us an email or simply WhatsApp +6016 348 0865 for pricing details and delivery options.